Complex organization of a wedding and reception
The complex organization of weddings is an option for all the couples, who want to entrust the organization of this special day to a group of professionals. Our goal is to take relieve you, you as much as possible, from the burden of the difficulties of preparation, while organizing a coherent wedding in style. We do not have "Prestige" package in our offer because our engaged couples are always treated according to this determinant, we dedicate you:
  • individual choice of how to contact - we are also available on Skype,
  • discretion and confidence during our cooperation,
  • selected offers of subcontractors, based on your requirements.
Do not let anything escape your attention and take part in those meetings, you want to be present at, the rest will be taken care of an experienced wedding consultant. Below we present the range of our offer, but it is you, who decide which elements you want to entrust to our organization. We can discuss it in a meeting, or if you want to receive a quick quotation, please fill out the form. Do naszych obowiązków może należeć
  • planning a coherent convention of an event,
  • preparation of a scenario,
  • search for and booking of a perfect place for the wedding ceremony and wedding reception,
  • choosing the right menu, a cake and pastry,
  • drafting and negotiating contracts,
  • organizing musical setting of the reception (DJ, bands, MCs)
  • providing video and photos services,
  • ordering and preparation of printed materials: invitations, a menu card, vignettes, thank you cards to the guests and so on.
  • providing transport for the bride, the groom, and the guests, and coordinating their arrival,
  • styling of the bride and the groom - consultations with a wedding stylist
  • booking and coordination of accommodation,
  • drafting decorations’ project,
  • organization of Tricity weddings in terms of makeup, hairstyles, cosmetics and styling samples,
  • preparation of a wedding book and a board with a plan of wedding guests sitting places’ arrangement,
  • managing the guest list - preparing invitations and thank you cards, altogether with their shipping and confirmation of arrival,
  • preparation and publication of a website for wedding guests,
  • preparation and management of a gift list,
  • providing activities for children and looking after them during the reception,
  • organizing musical setting during the wedding ceremony,
  • assistance in dealing with formalities at the registry office and in the church,
  • preparation of wedding speeches,
  • organization of additional attractions (dance lessons, pyrotechnic shows, artistic performances, etc.).
  • responding to and addressing current problems.

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