Coordination of a wedding day
Coordination of the wedding day is a proposal for couples, who have organized themselves the majority of the whole event and found the subcontractors, but on the wedding day do not want to trouble their head, their best man/ bridesmaid, and parents with the additional task of keeping an eye on all the arrangements. If you fall into this group and want to celebrate this important day together with your loved ones, then our wedding coordinator will look after all subcontractors, employees, times and the schedule! He/she will also prepare a scenario of the wedding day, ensuring the details, and will assist both you and your guests. Coordination of the wedding day includes:
  • a meeting with the bride and the groom to discuss specific requirements and arrangements with subcontractors,
  • preparation of a scenario,
  • contact with a DJ / an orchestra / a master of the ceremony before the wedding
  • contact with and a photographer and a cameraman before the wedding,
  • contact with the wedding hall’s owner before the reception,
  • handing over and discussing the scenario with each of the above subcontractors,
  • verification and coordination of the work of all contractors, e.g. a hairdresser, make-up artist, decorator, pastry chef, transport, etc.
  • delivery of wedding bouquets,
  • delivery of gifts for parents,
  • ensuring that details of the wedding hall,
  • spacing vignettes table,
  • discreet presence during the wedding ceremony until 2:00 a.m., supervising the delivery of meals, drinks, a cake, scenario etc.
  • preparation of a cost estimate on the day of the wedding,
  • settling costs with subcontractors on the basis of signed contracts,
  • performing additional rehearsals during the wedding and reacting to unexpected situations,
  • coordination guests’ transport on the wedding day,
  • looking after the bright and the groom and the guests during the wedding and reception.
Value: 2500 PLN *The coordinator is with you from the early morning, until the end of the reception i.e. approximately until 4:00 a.m *The price is a subject to change due to the costs of transport and accommodation, depending on the planned location of the wedding and reception. If you want to make sure and guarantee your wedding date, write to us and make a reservation.