• you don't have time to personally take care of your wedding preparations,
  • you don't know where to start and how to distinguish a good deal from a wrong one, in the thicket of thousand wedding subcontractors
  • You live outside the place of wedding and you want to have someone on site, who will fasten the last button.

Then, this is the right place. Why?

Because you can use the individually matched offer, tailored to your needs and to entrust the organization of your dream day in the hands of our professionals.

As much as you, we care about the organization of weddings in a consistent style. Choose the right package for yourself today:

On-line consultations


6 Steps of cooperation

Step 1 First contact

Complete a form and we will prepare an individual offer for you. Together, we will discuss the prepared offer, learning about your priorities and expectations. Up until this point, you don't bear any costs. If the offer is accepted, we will send you an agreement to read and determine the way of settlement with you.

Step 2 Signing the contract

After signing the contract we draw up a schedule of preparation and proceed to the whole organization. From this moment we take responsibility for the timeliness and quality of the preparations. You get an access to an on-line cost estimate and a guest list editor.

Step 3 Good plan

At the very start we create a budget for an entire ceremony, which is being updated throughout the whole period of the preparation. We make an action plan and keep our finger on the pulse, to make sure the organization runs in accordance with it. Then, we prepare an individual and consistent decoration design. When the whole organizational work is coming to an end, we prepare a detailed scenario for the date of the ceremony.

Step 4 Weddings organization

In accordance with the requirements and the budget, we propose you various solutions, present the latest trends and unconventional ideas, however, the final decision on the selection of subcontractors is yours. We show you the possibilities, present portfolios, make phone calls, check places, negotiate prices and set the best conditions, to the greatest possible extent. We take the burden of preparation off your mind and come forward with the best deal.

Step 5 Weddings coordination

We watch over the timeliness of the previously prepared scenario. We control the entire course of the ceremony and all subcontractors taking part in it. We settle the contracts and ensure that arrangements are followed. The work concludes when the lights are on, and your guests have already left the wedding hall ?

Step 6 Summary of work

Contrary to appearances, our work does not end on the day of the ceremony, still, formal issues remain. We settle accounts with subcontractors and with you. We look forward to the effect of the photographer's work and we deliver the completed material to you, as soon as it is ready.


6 Steps of cooperation


We have successfully organized more than 100 weddings and receptions.

When creating a wedding scenario. you can count on a number of our creative solutions and ideas for wedding styling.

Prestige product

Our service is tailored to your needs, resulting in an individual offer and the way of contact matched to the rhythm of your life.

On-line access

We will give you access to the wedding estimate and a guest list in an on-line form, available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, always displaying the current version.


In our company, we operate in line with the quality management system, according to which a good plan, efficient management, punctuality, and knowledge are the key to successful completion of the project, a project which in this case, is the organization of a wedding.


Event by Ev has its own decorative studio, therefore, you will receive a styling project as a gift.

Click and fill out the form, in response, you will receive a personalized offer and quotation for your cooperation with the Wedding Planner.