Wedding in Poland for couples living abroad
Welcome to the wedding in Poland - the wedding ceremony and the reception for couples living abroad! You are abroad, whereas the wedding and reception will take place in Poland? Is it difficult for you to ensure all the paperwork and you are not familiar with the wedding market? If so, then you are in the right place, because we can guide you step by step through the process of its organization, and even take charge of the whole thing. We will represent you during talks with subcontractors and on a regular basis, will report on the progress of the organization. We have already arranged many wedding parties while contacting only via e-mail or Skype. If it is not possible for you to go to Tricity, then you can count on our extensive video and photo material, which shows the location and portfolios of subcontractors. While organizing the reception and wedding ceremony for you, we combine Polish tradition with the one prevailing in a given country, from which your second half comes from. It results in the organization of a special day, which will connect these two cultures! Couples from abroad, in addition to a comprehensive service organization of the wedding ceremony and the reception, can count on:
  • assistance in completing the formalities in organizing the church and civil weddings,
  • detailed elaboration of the project’s leading theme,
  • preparation of a scenario for the ceremony combing customs of different cultures and faiths,
  • preparation of a schedule and paperwork,
  • organization of a sworn translator, cooperation in the field of documents’ translation,
  • choosing the right menu, taking into account different traditions,
  • organization of bilingual subcontractors,
  • organization and coordination of transfers from the airport,
  • possibility of settling costs in a selected currency,
  • organization of a "Welcome Drink",
  • booking and coordination of accommodations for you and your guests,
  • preparation of bilingual books with the script of the church ceremony for the guests,
  • preparing a website with information about the wedding and the reception,
  • when organizing international weddings, we are at your disposal of coordinating, so called, wedding week, which starts from the moment of arrival of the guests until their departure from Poland,
  • Organization of a tour around Tricity.
We have successfully organized events for mixed couples from Norway, Belgium, France, Scotland, England, Germany, Ireland, Brazil, Sweden, the USA, Spain, Australia. And what country are you from?

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